I`m Looking For A Few More Of My Dream Clients Who I Can Work With 1/1 For The Next 12 Month!
If That´s You, Then Keep Reading...
I`m Looking For A Few More Of My Dream Clients That I Can Work With 1/1 For The Next 12 Month!
If That´s You, Then Keep Reading...
This is perhaps the most important message of your life...
My Friend,
No matter how you came to this page, I want to guarantee you one thing:

This is something very special, which has never happened before and I have never seen it myself...

And if you already know me a bit, then you know that if I'm doing something, then I do it right.

For years, I've been waiting for the right time for such a thing, until I was 100% sure.
It's Time For The Next Step
I've achieved A LOT with Instagram.

I live in beautiful Dubai and my Instagram business makes $100,000+. I travel the world, meet amazing people and just live the life of my dreams.

More and more people came to me and asked me how I do it. I get messages from people every single day who ask me "Niklas, how did you build your Instagram business and can you help me build mine?"

After all, having fulfilled my dreams and desires that I had since childhood, it's now time to give back and help others on their own path.

That's why I'm looking for a few more of my Dream Clients and Partners... If that's you then I will personally work with you one-on-one for the next 12 month and help you build your own 6 figure dream business with the power of Instagram!
The secret weapon for FAST SUCCESS
Let me tell you one thing, my friend: It is NOT possible to succeed WITHOUT work!

No matter what others tell you, there is NO ONE who made it to the top, who did not sit on his butt and invested blood, sweat and tears to get to where he is now.

There is no one. I have seen a lot, but not that.

However, it is possible to take a shortcut and save a lot of time, pain and tears!

The shortcut is: Avoid the mistakes of others! The reason for this is obvious:

Hundreds of thousands, millions, even billions of people have already lived in front of you. People who were smarter than you. People who found out something in their lives that you did not know yet. People who built something that you have not yet achieved.

So, why should you re-invent the wheel and make the same mistakes that those people already made? Right, because that would be madness.

Imagine how it would be if you could just take the knowledge of those people to save you the precious time, that those people already invested?

This shortcut is called MENTORING. (the smart way!)

What exactly is mentoring?

Mentoring means that you are looking for someone who is far ahead of you in a certain area of life, who guides you, gives you a proven blueprint and who shows you what to do and what NOT to do...

This can be in the area of ​​fitness and health, in your career and in business, but also in relationships and your social environment.
  • ​So if you want to achieve something in your life and are ready to go full throttle...
  • ​If you don't just want a small piece but the whole cake...
  • ​If you want to be guided by someone who has already achieved, what you want to achieve..
  • ​​And if you are serious about making money with Instagram and building your own 6 figure dream business with it...
... then I have something for you:
Do you want To Work 1/1 With Me For The Next 12 Month And Do You Want Me To Help You Build Your Own 6 Figure Dream business With The Power Of Instagram...
...Do You Want Me As Your Business Partner? 
ATTENTION: This is not for everyone!
A little warning: This is going to be intense.

I will personally spend a lot of time in this program. A couple of my friends and business partners have already declared me as crazy to start something like this.

But I do not do this for money. I am financially free.

I have already done it.

But now I really want to MOVE on and work with a small group of people and help them to build their own 6 figure dream business with the power of Instagram... so that they can make the money that they deserve to make!

But that is not for everyone...
You have to apply To Work With me:
As you already know, I have hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide.

And I get messages like this "Niklas, can you show me how making money with Instagram works..." "Niklas can you help me build my Instagram business??" everyday...

That's why you have to apply to work with me. As I said... I'm looking for a few more dream customers and partners that I can personally work with.

So... if you want to work with me one-on-one for the next 12 month and if you want me to personally help you build your own 6 figure dream business with the power of Instagram, then scroll down to the bottom of this page and apply now...

Niklas Pedde
There are a handful of CRITERIA that someone has to fulfull, to be authorized for the Instagram Elite Mentoring with Niklas Pedde:
  • You need WILLPOWER: You're someone, who does not just throw the towel when it gets a little hard. On the contrary: You love to face new challenges and overcome them.
  • ​​You are HUNGRY: You are not as happy as the "average person" with a normal average salary, average partnerships, average lifestyle, and an average normal life. You know that there is more out there than working in a 9 to 5 that you do not enjoy, paying bills and then vegetating.
  • You are an ACTION TAKER: There are no excuses in your life. If you have something in your head, then you pull the thing through and do not procrastinate 2-3 weeks - simply because you know that pure knowledge and ideas are worth nothing in itself, but only the implementation behind it.
  • #1: After deciding to work 1/1 with Niklas he'll send you a form where you have to fill out some questions, describe your current situation, let him know what your goals are, what you are struggling with etc.... so that he can prepare for the first call.
  • #2: After you filled out the form, you have to select a time, when you are availalbe for your first call. You'll have the first call with Niklas or one of his team. In it he'll take a look at your Instagram account and business and develop a unique action plan with you.
  • #3: Right after the call you'll get Niklas private WhatsApp number so that you can ask him questions anytime. You'll also get access to his highest level program and his inner circle.
  • #4: While you go through the highest level program and the inner circle program Niklas will develop a unique growth, branding and money making strategy and a 90 day step-by-step action plan for you.
  • #5: You'll then go on another call with Niklas in which he'll present you the growth, branding and money making strategy and in which you'll go through the 90 day step-by-step action plan that Niklas created.
  • #6: And then.... guess what: That's where the 1/1 Mentoring starts / working 1/1 with Niklas starts.
How Does The application Process Work?
1. You APPLY for the Mentoring with Niklas.
Mentoring is very time-consuming for me, so we can only include a very small number of people in this program. You must therefore apply.
2. The Coaching-Team will contact you.
Someone from our team will contact you and work with you to find out where you are at the moment, what you want to achieve in your life, and how we can help you. (totally free)
3. Niklas will decide if you will be selected.
When my team member sees your potential, he will give me his overall impression of you and I will decide if you will be accepted or not. In all cases, you will receive feedback from us.
Do yourself a little favor. You are worth it.
As Warren Buffet says:
"The Best Investment, That You Can Make Is In Yourself" 
- whether it's money, time or something else

ATTENTION: You Must Act Now!
You have to act now! The fact that you can still see this page here means that Niklas hasn't closed the application process for the Instagram Elite Mentoring.

That can change fast!

In order to increase your chances of working with Niklas 1/1 for the next 12 month make sure that you apply now and contact us as soon as possible if you are serious.

If you are ready to take the next step, then click on the button below, fill out the application form and follow the instructions. We will then get in touch with you and give you feedback.
Niklas can only accept a very small number of people. You have to apply to work with Niklas. Niklas will read through all applications and get in contact with you.
Click on the button and apply now:
Niklas can only accept a very small number of people. You have to apply to work with Niklas. Niklas will read through all applications and get in contact with you.
Click on the button and apply now:
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